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This feature may be accessed once the level 20 trainer section is completed and is purchased for 30 coins in the barn. (However, it seems it will buy itself automatically for free once it is unlocked due to a glitch.)



Any male and female monster may be bred together. Their offspring will be a level 1 monster that:

  • May be a special monster unavailable from tracking if a certain parent combination is used
  • Will otherwise be the same monster as the mother, even if it is an evolved form.
  • Can inherit skills from both monsters, regardless of the type of the offspring and the types of the skills.
  • Need not be hatched from an egg unlike those monsters gotten from other trackers

The higher the level of the parents, the more likely the offspring will have higher base stats and the greater the chance the offspring will be a special monster.

While monsters are mating, it is still possible to use them to fight other monsters. Also note that parent monsters will be kept and may freely mate with other monsters afterward.

2nd Gen BreedingEdit

When certain combinations of monsters are bred together, there is a chance they will produce certain special monsters instead of a copy of the mother. In this case, the gender of the parents does not matter.

Much speculation exists as to what combinations produce which monsters, but only some pairs have been confirmed:

Photo (1)

Proof that an evolved monster can be hatched. Credits: Whataboutki

Note that at this point, breeding is the only way to get 2nd Gen monsters.

3rd Gen BreedingEdit

3rd Gen Monsters only need a specific female monster to breed. These are what seem to be found so far (all these are in female form):

More will be added as it is discovered. If you have any info on another new breed, post it in the comments.

For more breeding combinations and results, refer to this page: Breeding Trials