Name Type Power Cooldown Category
Bleed Dark 50 3 turns Physical Attack
A weak attack that cause the target to bleed, losing HP for 3 turns
Confuse Dark - 5 turns Status
Confuse the target, making it do nothing occasionally.
Consume Dark 60 - Physical Attack
Absorb 35% of the damage.
Evil Eye Dark - 3 turns Status
Deal damage that is equal to the difference between its SATK and target's SATK. Deal damage to itself if target's SATK is higher.
Exchange Dark - 3 turns Status
Exchange all stat modifiers with the target. Temporary stat modifiers are not exchanged.
Fade Dark - 5 turns Status
Fade into the darkness. Increase DEF by 3 levels for 3 turns. Effect removed when attacked by a special attack.
Forbid Magic Dark - 5 turns Status
Within the next 3 turns (plus the current turn), special attacks will be redirected and deal damages to the one who use the skills.
Forget Dark - 3 turns Status
Make the target forget the skill that the target is going to use. Making it unavailable for the curent turn and an additional 1 turn. No effect if the target is not using a skill.
Glare Dark 70 - Special Attack
Has a chance to reduce the accuracy level of the target by 1.
Illusion Dark - 5 turns Status
Creates an illusion which increases dodge chance by 3 levels for 3 turns.
Life Steal Dark 60 2 turns Special Attack
Deal damage to the target and absorb 100% of the damage if target is not DARK type. Only work on DARK type monsters.
Nightmare Dark 60 - Special Attack
Cause extra damage if the target is sleeping at the end of the turn.
Prowl Dark - 3 turns Status
Fade into the shadow. Increase its dodge chance by 1 level.
Screech Dark - 2 turns Status
Temporarily decrease SDEF of the target by 2 levels for 2 turns.
Sleep Dark - 3 turns Status
Cause the target to fall asleep.
Sonic Wave Dark 70 - Special Attack
Attack the target with increased accuracy. May lower the accuracy of the target by 1 level.