Question Power Cooldown Category
70 1 turn Special Attack
Accuracy Speed Critical
- - -
Description Attack the target with lightning. May paralyze the target.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Electri attacks are:

  • effective against Water Fly Metal Dark
  • not effective against Ground Grass Electri

Monster that learn Lightning:Edit

Monster Type Ability Level
Fertail Fertail Electri Lightning Heart 5
Krakrow Krakrow Electri Electri. Body 18
Lumenore Lumenore Ground Heat Conductor 32
Ohmber Ohmber Ground Heat Conductor 32
Tentric Tentric Electri Electri. Body 18
Teslith Teslith Ground Heat Conductor 32
Voltact Voltact Electri Electri. Body 18