Name Type Power Cooldown Category
Berserker Fire - 5 turn Status
Increase damage by 100% for the next 3 turns but unable to control the monster. A random attack skill will be used. Do nothing if no attack skill is available.
Burn Fire 50 1 turn Special Attack
Burn the target and set the target on fire for 3 turns.
Burst Fire 150 2 turn Special Attack
A strong fire attack that hurt itself too. 15% hp is lost for using this skill
Critical Fire - 1 turn Status
Increase critical chance by 1 level.
Exposed Flames Fire 150 3 turns Special Attack
A strong FIRE attack that burn self for 3 turns.
Fire Spark Fire 70 - Special Attack
Burn the target with fire spark. It has a higher critical chance.
Fire Strike Fire 80 - Special Attack
Breath fire at the target.
Ignition Fire 20 4 turns Special Attack
A weak attack that has a high chance to burn the target for 5 turns.