Name Type Power Cooldown Category
Block Ground - 1 turn Status
Block physical attack for 2 turns, deal damage to attacker that is equal to DEF and reduce the damage with the same amount
Crippling Kick Ground 70 - Physical Attack
Has a high chance to decrease target speed by 1 level.
Hidden Attack Ground 60 - Physical Attack
A weak attack with increased accuracy and critical chance.
Silk Shield Ground - 5 turn Status
Use its silk to strengthen its DEF and MDEF by 1 level while decrease its speed by 1 level.
Silk Shot Ground 70 - Special Attack
Shot silk ball to attack target.
Smash Ground 80 - Physical Attack
Smash the target with brutal force
Weaken Bite Ground 70 - Physical Attack
May decrease ATK level of the target by 1. Also has a chance to decrease the speed of the target by 1.


  • Ground Skills are the only Skill that doesn't do damage at all to a certain Body type, which is Flying. It is not mentioned in game either.