Skills are the moves that a monster can use during battle. Most skills can be learnt by level up (usually at Level 1,5,18,32). Other skills can be learnt through breeding and through guild event rewards. Different skills have different power and uses but they are generally classified into 3 categories - Physical Attack, Special Attack and Status.

Physical AttackEdit


Example of a Physical Attack


Example of a Special Attack

IMG 1194

Example of a Status move which also happens to have a cool-down.

The power of a Physical Attack is determined by the Attack(ATK) stat of a monster. However, the damage done is also subjectes to the opposing monster's defence(DEF). Some skills can have a secondary effect (refer to picture of Slash).

Special AttackEdit

Similar to a Physical Attack just that the Special Attack(S.ATK) stat of a monster is used to determine the damage. Damage will vary according to opposing monster's special defence(S.DEF) as well.


Status skills are generally moves which have an effect but do not cause any direct damage. They may range from stat modifying skills, status ailment skills or temporary special effects.


Different skills have a different power rating. Skills with higher power tend to do more damage than a skill with lower power. However, regarding actual damage, the comparison should not be made between a special attack and a physical attack because most monsters have different Attack(ATK) and Special Attack(S.ATK). An additional note is that monsters using attacks that are the same type as them deal an additional 50% bonus damage.


Certain skills possess a cooldown. Cooldowns mean that a move cannot be used in quick succession and a number of turns have to pass before it can be used again. (Refer to the Attack Mode picture)

Skill effectivenessEdit

Most of the skills, especially those that do direct damage, are subjected to type properties (example: fire is good against grass). Therefore, it would be useful to refer to the Type Chart to determine how well a skill will fare against an opposing monster.


As stated in the previous section, there are different monster/skill types in the game. Currently, Little Masters has 10 different types. Each type has their own list of moves associated with it.

Dark Electri Fire Fly Grass
Ground Metal Normal Poison Water