Name Type Power Cooldown Category
Bubble Burst Water 80 - Special Attack
Attack target with bubble burst.
Freeze Water 70 - Special Attack
Freeze the target with cold air. May lower the speed of the target by 1 level.
Ice Shield Water - 3 turns Status
Protect itself with ice. Increases special defense by 1 level
Rain Water - 3 turns Status
Clear all abnormal status effects for all allies.
Surf Water 75 - Physical Attack
Attack the target while surfing on the water. Increase its speed level by 1 afterwards.
Tail Strike Water 80 - Physical Attack
Strike the target with its tail.
Wash Water - 1 turn Status
Remove all abnormal status effects on itself.
Whirlpool Water 65 2 turns Physical Attack
May confuse the target for 2 turns.