Things that need to be added:

  1. Rate of Rare hatches.
  2. stats explained
  3. damage calculation formula
  4. monsters max stats
  5. inheritance of skills.
  6. adding galleries to all monsters
  7. making skill tables templates for blodlines
  8. how does critical / effective against / not effective against work
  9. breeding for 2nd generation monsters isnt a 100% chance to get.
  10. Guide for all monsters.
  11. Online battle faq
  12. faq
  13. thread for talking, kinda like the thread on TA
  14. add notes on monster which are used for 2nd gen
  15. find types of gerbiuse and mucinox
  16. starter stats for all monsters.
  17. stats gained from leveling up.
  18. how to make sprites.